The missing piece for Rebornbuddy

The Swiss Knife botbase you didn't know you needed!

Platypus Main UI

Download the botbase: Latest version

Installation instructions: Extract the zip file in a folder named "Platypus" inside your Rebornbuddy "BotBases" folder. (i.e. C:\RB\BotBases\Platypus\)

Here's what Platypus can do for you

Platypus is in active development, improvements and new features are added every week!

Don't let those seals, stones and tomestones go to waste

Currency Management

Trade in your GC seals for Ventures and items
Trades your seals for ventures up to a preconfigured quantity. Once reached, Platypus will buy as many of the configured item as it can.
Wanna spend these Tomestone or other currencies? No problem!
Setup a list of items to obtain with a single click and let Platypus get everything for you as you farm those points.

Keep your inventory clean

Inventory Management

Grand Company Expert Deliveries
Gets done automatically when your inventory is almost full.
Get that loot now!
Platypus will open your Venture coffers, Materiel Containers and more.
Don't let those items collect dust
Free your character inventory by using those minions, mounts, orchestrion rolls and more as you collect them.
Don't hoard that junk! Premium
Configure a list of items you don't want to keep in your inventory and Platypus will sell, discard or desynthesize them for you. It can also entrust them to your retainers.
Extract Materia
Extract materia from your gear as soon as their spiritbond reaches 100%.
Exchange cards Premium
Exchange Triple Triad cards you already own for MGP .

Making your life easier

Quality of Life enhancements

No more treasure left behind.
Open all treasure chests found in dungeons, trials and raids even when the profile you are using is not setup to do so.
Get more loot!
Platypus can automatically roll Need, Greed or Pass on all loot dropped in duties.

User experience matters

User friendly

Great user interface!
New and experienced RebornBuddy users can use Platypus easily. The interface is easy to use and understand.
Parlez-vous Platypus?
Available in English, French, German, Japanese and Simplified Chinese.

Integrate Platypus in your profiles

Developer friendly

Orderbot tags available
Leverage the features of Platypus to make your profiles more robust.
API available
Don't reinvest the wheel. Get Platypus to perform certain actions in your Botbase by using our API.

Get Platypus Premium Today!

$5 /month
  • Unlock all features across all modules
  • Get access to the latest features as soon as they are available
  • Each license key is good for all characters on 2 machines
  • Premium support
  • Free updates
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